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1.1 If the student is starting after the semester start (e.g. in the middle of the semester), we will deduct the number of lessons the student have missed on the semester fee.

1.2 If the student would like to stop his or her lessons, you need to write directly to the school in writing/email. It is not enough to simply tell the teacher. The teacher is responsible for 10x students and everything regarding quitting, payment etc. needs to be arranged with the administration, in writing.

1.3 The student spot becomes active once the student attends the first lesson (after the free trial lesson). If the student attends the first lesson (after the trial lesson), the student spot must be paid in full for the whole semester. 

1.4 Free trial lesson: all new students are eligible for a free trial lesson. The free trial lesson must be booked in advance, prior to the semester registration. If the student chooses not to continue with lessons after the trial lesson, the student must contact the school on email. If the student chooses to attend a lesson after the trial lesson, the semester must be paid in full. 


Can I start in the middle of the semester?

Yes. We have ongoing registration all year and you can start when it suits you. Of course, you do not pay for the times you have missed and the amount of lessons is deducted from the semester fee.


How many lessons are the in one semester?

The number of lessons varies from semester to semester. The spring semester is somewhat longer than the autumn semester. We follow the same school route as the municipal schools in Stavanger and Sandnes.


When do you have lessons?

Monday to Friday between 14:00-21:30. 


Is there an age limit?

We do not have a fixed age limit. It is up to the parents to decide if the student is ready to learn an instrument. Teaching is for adults and children and there is no higher age limit!


Can I pay the semester fee in parts?

All amounts over 4500,- can be paid in parts/monthly. You need to arrange this directly with the school prior to the semester start. 


Do the student need their own instrument?

No. We have lots of instruments that can be used for teaching if you have not completely decided which instrument you want to buy. We can also lend instruments completely for free in shorter periods if agreed upon in advance. However, we recommend that all students have their own instruments.


Can I change time or day?

Yes. If you have something that will be in the way of your lesson and want to change your time / day, we will help with this. Send us an email and we will change the time for you.


Can I try another teacher?

Yes. Some have better chemistry together than others and that is why it's all right to change the teacher if it is desirable. You can change both time and teacher in the middle of the semester or whenever you want. 


Do you arrange any concerts?

Yes. One every semester. In June and in December.


How do I apply?

Fill out the application form from the menu above. You will receive an answer within a few days. Once we have agreed on a time that suits you and your teacher, you can meet for your first lesson the same week or whenever you want to start.

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